Key executives from a wide range of industries share what they believe to be the key to success.

How do we achieve success in times of great digital disruption? Over on The Digital Insight Podcast, we asked a number of key executives from a wide range of industries what they consider to be the key to success.

“I think there’s really two parts. The first is; be curious. Find out what you can learn, what you can experience, what you can do or you can question about how you operate and how others operate and how you can bring that into what you do. And the second, and I give this advice a lot, is to understand how do you continue to be a better version of yourself? Not someone else, but yourself. Challenge yourself to question how you can continually self-improve the person you are, and the one you want to be.” – Mike Dargan, Group Chief Information Officer UBS

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“Everybody has to realise, with new technologies that it’s difficult at times to get people grounded into the mission that the new technologies are supposed to support. You’re solving a problem with these new technologies or you’re helping to solve a problem, but this problem is basically something that you want to enhance in your mission. You have to think of technology as an enabler for your particular mission. A lot of people forget that. They just think, “I want to have new technology because it’s cool.” – Frank Kozniecy, CIO, United States Air Force 

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I would say the key ingredient is to keep an open mind. Lead with courage instead of fear. If you allow yourself to be training and learning and reading frequently, you’re actually always going to be a step closer to understanding what that disruption could look like and prepare yourself for it” – Carolyn Chin Parry, IT Woman of the Year at IT Asia Awards 2019

Carolyn Chin-Parry, digital leader

Listen to Carolyn Chin Parry, IT Woman of the Year 2019 on the Digital Insight Podcast 

“We’ve got an exciting opportunity that we’re going to see transformational stuff in the next 10 years, I think, that none of us can imagine. And all of it being affordable, and getting more and more affordable. But with it comes a lot of threats we didn’t imagine. When social media first came, no one thought about some of the things we were going to see. Whether you believe or not that the elections are influenced, or swayed, or misrepresented, and who gets into power. None of that was discussed, because we weren’t thinking that far ahead. It’s only coming to fray now. Some of the implications of that, and drone technology, and other things. It’s an interesting time, and it presents opportunity, if you’re willing to change and grab the opportunity, and utilize what’s available to benefit your business and your career.” – Ian Moyse, Sales Director, Natterbox,

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“It’s really about not the organization transforming around me, but it’s about, well, what am I personally willing to do differently? What am I willing to learn? How am I willing to take on new practices, spend my time differently, prioritize my business results and my schedule, and my hiring practices too? What are you willing to do differently?” John Rossman, former leader at Amazon and author of Think like Amazon

John Rossman portrait

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