Five of the many influential speakers that will be in Amsterdam this September at Digital Procurement World 2020.

Dr Elouise Epstein
VP, A.T. Kearney

A procurement and supply chain digital futurist with a keen focus on how to apply digital to solve actual business problems, Dr Elouise Epstein has over 20 years of experience in the digital procurement sphere. In her own words, she seeks to disrupt subpar technology adoption and build future strategies through advanced partnerships with startups and emerging technology solution providers.

Geraint John
Research Vice President at Gartner

An experienced researcher, content creator, presenter and adviser to leading companies with over 19 years experience as a research specialist with responsibility for sourcing, supplier management, supply chain risk management and globalization.

As Research Vice President at Gartner and SCM World, a Gartner-owned cross-industry learning community powered by the world’s most influential supply chain practitioners, he helps organisations share best practice insights so they can drive competitive advantage and business growth through supply chain innovation.

Simon Geale
SVP Client Solutions at Proxima

Responsible for Products and Solutions at Proxima, Simon is an experienced technology professional that works closely with organisations to break down and solve complex organisational challenges and calibrates the solutions to solve them. Geale is a regular author, speaker and commentator on all things procurement, a keen digital and transformation enthusiast, a realist interested in helping Proxima’s customers solve their problems and accelerate performance and personal growth. In his own words, he manages the best team in procurement.

Matthias Gutzmann, 
Founder of Digital Procurement World

“There is no conference like Digital Procurement World in the industry”

A seasoned procurement professional, with over 10 years at Procurement Leaders, Gutzmann was looking for a procurement conference to showcase a startup he used to work for. Realising he couldn’t quite find one that checked all the boxes, he decided to build his own with Digital Procurement World, which successfully held its first event in 2019. 

“The end of the procurement conference as we know it – a message from Matthias Gutzmann”

Kevin Frechette,
Co-Founder & CEO of Fairmarkit

Kevin is the co-founder and CEO of Fairmarkit. Its SaaS platform enables companies to achieve increased savings on their tail spend purchases by delivering a highly functional product to mitigate risks, reduce costs and drive business value. Fairmarkit uses machine learning to simplify tail spend processes and bring the final 20% of unmanaged spend under control.

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