Issue 13 of CPOstrategy is out now!

We are delighted to share issue 13 of CPOstrategy – out now! In this month’s issue, we have some incredible procurement stories that showcase just how key procurement has and will continue to be in navigating the COVID19 pandemic.

First up is our cover star, Daniel Chua, Head of Global Sourcing at WIK Group, as he tells CPOstrategy how supplier relationships are proving to be the cornerstone to success during the COVID19 pandemic and beyond.

“The business, and indeed our customers, have the confidence in us to be able to deliver that information to them in the right way so that they can better understand what’s going on and how we are managing this situation in a way works for everyone,”

Daniel Chua, Head of Global Sourcing, WIK Group

Elsewhere, Francois-David Martino, CEO of Danieli China, tells us how breaking down competitiveness can be achieved through a redefined procurement approach and how procurement people are always in the change, making it easier for the CPOs to explain the change and to make people adapt to it.

As part of a new series, Iain Campbell McKenna looks to answer the question: What will the “new normal” be in the post-COVID-19 procurement world? Iain explores what procurement needs to do to effectively step into a new and in some cases, vastly different role – this month we explore Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, in a post-pandemic world.

Rounding out the magazine we have an exclusive interview with Tania Seary, one of the most globally influential members of the procurement and supply chain world, and founder of Procurious, James Meads looks at how removing unnecessary bureaucracy and non-value added processes can improve the agility of your organisation post COVID19, and David Swift  Global Head of Corporate Services Procurement at Novartis, explores how in the search for a seat at the table, procurement continues to face an uphill battle.

Stay safe and enjoy the issue!

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