Hello and welcome to another packed edition of Interface magazine. This month’s issue features exclusive articles on Swisscom, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity post-Covid-19…

Our exclusive cover story this month centres around Sven Friedli, EVP, Head of Enterprise and Architecture at Swisscom, who discusses how Swisscom is implementing agile architecture to provide a richer customer experience.

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As the leading provider of telecom services and one of the leading IT companies in Switzerland, Swisscom has a duty to ensure that the way in which its customers can access those same services and products is simple, pain-free and personal. This is a challenge for all major telcos today in that they must satisfy the modern-day telco customer, who expects the same level of seamlessness and freedom in their shopping experience as they do in their own day-to-day lives. 

“The modern customer can use their services wherever they want. He or she can sit outside and do all of their daily work with a wireless device on a seamless online experience. If they want to buy a new service from Swisscom where they don’t wish to go to the shop, they can do it online or via the app,” explains Sven Friedli.

Elsewhere, we speak to Ranjit Rajan, a thought leader on the impact of digital transformation on economies, business, and the tech industry with a specialisation in the emerging markets of the Middle East and Africa. And we also hear the thought-provoking insights of Jim Logan who ponders the fear factor of AI. Plus, we list 5 top cybersecurity principles of a post-Covid world…

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Andrew Woods

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