Supplier data matters. But you knew that already…

The question is, does high-quality supplier data matter now more than ever before? Stephany Lapierre, CEO of Tealbook, joins us this month to give it to us straight; in 2021 we have absolutely no reason to be working with messy vendor masters. 

“Your e-procurement technology stack is only as good as what you feed it,” she says. So it’s time to start rethinking about your supplier data. 

Elsewhere, Abe Saxionis, CPO of Keolis North America, lifts the lid on a major procurement transformation journey that will see the transportation services provider collaborate better with each and every part of its ecosystem under a vision of One Keolis. 

“As a company starts out and we begin to grow organically, we all are working more like independent businesses. It gets to a point where, in order to continue to expand and take advantage of the value the company brings to the table when dealing with customers or suppliers, we need to be more united. That’s the concept behind One Keolis.”

In an enthralling discussion, the gloves were off as I sat down with Michael Pleuger and Detlef Schultz – two powerhouse names in procurement. From an over reliance on consultants, to Jurgen Klopp’s philosophy on legacy, we tackle some of the key issues that procurement professionals are (and aren’t) addressing in 2021. 

You definitely don’t want to miss this issue. 

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