Episode Six (E6), a leading global provider of enterprise-grade payment processing and ledger infrastructure, announces its expansion in Europe through…

Episode Six (E6), a leading global provider of enterprise-grade payment processing and ledger infrastructure, announces its expansion in Europe through a new partnership with A-Tono. This collaboration marks E6’s entry into the Italian market as part of its broader global expansion strategy.

A-Tono, an Italy-based multifaceted company, operates a technology lab, a payment institute supervised by the Bank of Italy, a nonprofit organisation, and a digital agency. This partnership will enable A-Tono to enhance the payment solutions offered by its brand DropPay®, an online payment account designed to simplify the payment experience for both consumers and businesses. The collaboration aims to expand DropPay®’s offerings with the addition of gift cards, loyalty programs, and cashback initiatives.

By integrating E6’s enterprise-grade payment processing and ledger technology, A-Tono will provide its clients across various sectors in Italy with access to the latest global payment capabilities. This transition to E6’s technology will broaden A-Tono’s payment processing and solutions services, offering clients more flexibility, choices, and revenue streams.

The partnership will deliver innovative payment solutions seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructures, providing secure, scalable, and customer-centric experiences. While cash remains predominant for many Italians, digital payments grew by 12% last year compared to 2022, totalling €444 billion, up from €397 billion. This represents a significant opportunity for payment solutions providers and retailers.

Orazio Granato, CEO of A-Tono, commented: “E6 shares our passion and vision for providing best-in-class, innovative payment products and services. This partnership enables companies to benefit from the latest and safest technology while ensuring customisable, personalised experiences that meet the local needs and expectations of their customers.”

John Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Episode Six, added: “This partnership not only marks our entry into the Italian market but also a significant step in our global expansion. There is a huge unmet need in Italy that we plan to fulfill. We’re excited about the opportunities we can offer Italian businesses and consumers by combining our unique, expansive, and robust technology with A-Tono’s expertise, reach, and local knowledge. Together, we aim to raise the bar, broaden local capabilities, and exceed expectations.”

As the exclusive provider, E6’s TRITIUM® platform will power A-Tono’s Cards-as-a-Service offering, allowing them to configure products to meet their customers’ needs. The modern payment platform will simplify, accelerate, and broaden A-Tono’s offerings, reducing costs and time to market while providing a configurable foundation to build additional payment products and initiatives.

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