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We speak to Manuele Burdese, Sr Director, Head of Business Insights & Analytics Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Bristol Myers Squibb, and Neville Varghese, Decision Analytics Manager and Bristol Myers Squibb partner, ZS, to see how the biopharmaceutical giant is fully harnessing its huge data resources to create “Intelligent procurement”…

The fuel behind procurement’s evolution into an intelligent, strategic, and value-first function is data and analytics. Without the valuable insights that lay within an enterprise’s operations, procurement will struggle to enrich internal and external stakeholders with the actionable information that will guide its decision-making. Intelligent procurement thrives on a data-driven operational transformation.

Bristol Myers Squibb: A time of growth and transformation

In 2020, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), a leading global biopharmaceutical company, decided to transform its Procurement function into a more digitally enabled model with a keen focus on data, insights, and analytics.

 BMS is a growing company; the acquisitions of several new companies ushered in a period of rapid change and growth, highlighting the need for harmonising, and integrating data and analytics. BMS needed to find ways to transform procurement with a strong data-driven mindset and looked for the right leader to successfully drive this ambitious program.  

Manuele Burdese had a proven track record of delivering quantifiable value through procurement transformation for some of the biggest companies on the planet (Stellantis, General Electric, Whirlpool, Honeywell); he has led this process across a wide range of sectors, including automotive, industrial manufacturing, consumer goods, and chemicals / life sciences. Burdese was Head of Americas’ Procurement for Honeywell International when the opportunity to build a new Strategic and Transformational function within the Procurement organisation at BMS arose.

Manuele Burdese, Sr Director, Head of Business Insights & Analytics Strategic Sourcing & Procurement, Bristol Myers Squibb

Burdese joined BMS as Global Head of Business Insights & Analytics (BI&A) for Strategic Sourcing & Procurement (SS&P). His role in the organisation was to elevate Procurement through digital transformation and analytics. “They asked me to come on board to build a Procurement Centre of Excellence, focused on driving strategy transformation in term of digital and analytical capabilities within Procurement,” he tells us from his New Jersey office. BMS now aims to ‘Deliver more medicines to more eligible patients faster’ thus setting up new milestones for the Procurement analytics team to support the pace of organisation – maximise competitive advantage by unlocking business insights with an Enterprise-wide perspective and by building new innovative and cutting-edge data driven insight capabilities. 

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