Momentum Multiply CIO, Ndibulele Mqoboli, discusses re-platforming, cloud migrations, and building a culture of ownership, responsibility, and continuous improvement

Multiply Inspire & Engage (from leading South African insurance provider Momentum Health Solutions) is the first digital wellness rewards program in South Africa to balance mental and physical health in pursuing holistic wellness. It offers a seamless digital experience that makes living a healthy life easy, simple, convenient and rewarding.

A digital wellness rewards program

Momentum’s Multiply rewards programs have shaped incentivised wellness for over a decade and played an important role in helping members of participating medical schemes know their health and wellness, and actively pursue ways to improve their long-term wellbeing, while receiving great rewards along the way.

Launched at the beginning of 2023, Multiply Inspire & Engage is Momentum Multiply’s new wellness rewards program. Multiply focuses on driving wellness – nudging clients to make good decisions about their health. “It starts with knowing your health. When you know and understand your health, you can take responsibility for your health and make good decisions that benefit your health,” elaborates CIO Ndibulele Mqoboli elaborates.

Meeting the healthcare challenge

“It’s very important to be able to identify and recognise the value of what you’re doing,” says Mqoboli. “You want to hear stories about how a piece of digital software you helped build is delighting and exciting consumers. Healthcare has such a profound impact on society. Its accessibility and affordability is a huge challenge facing our society. It’s important to recognise the role we’re playing in helping Momentum Health meet that challenge. What might seem like a small inconsequential thing, can have a very real impact and deliver real value for a lot of people.” 

Building Multiply – Culture & Continuous Improvement

The process of developing Multiply was as much one of cultural transformation as it was a complex, compressed development cycle. “We started the development of the current Multiply offering with just a six-month lead time to launch in early 2023,” recalls Mqoboli. “It meant a new business model, a new digital experience, and a new app that we had to build from the ground up. It was a major re-platforming. We had to address a lot of pain points that carried over from the previous platform. We addressed issues with scalability, near-real-time processing, and being always-on.” 

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